Tuesday, June 20, 2017

MRI - check!!

My sweet mommy came to the hospital to sit with me while I waited for my MRI. I THOUGHT I had an 8:30 appointment. Turns out I put the show time (1/2 hour early) whoops. I was here super early!

So 9:15 ish the finally called me back. 10:40 and I'm OUT waiting for my disk. I had about 45 minutes of non-contrast and 15 minutes of almost solid scan with contrast.

So first impression. Yeah. Yuck! I tried to go in with my arms up. Yeah. NO WAY!!! Creepy feeling. I opted for arms down once I found out I was basically going in up to my neck. I could see out. They REALLY need to put something in the ceilings or something somewhere. Talk about BORING as crap!!

I closed my eyes a lot and tried to concentrate on relaxing my lower back as it was clenching and would NOT let go!! I am stiff and sore and hurting. Ouch. I will sit Indian style tonight to stretch it all out.

AND I feel a distinct difference in heat when it's running vs not running. It's kind of creepy. I wonder just what that is doing to your poor body. I asked him and he said yes, others have said the same thing. He thinks it's body heat. I think it's really my body feeling the assault from the X-ray. Or I have a very vivid imagination 😜

Both are possible!!

So that's done. Waiting on a disk now. Then I'll go home and copy it so I have one for my records and a copy for Mayo. That word is getting easier to say by the way! Not sore if that's good or bad or the natural progression of desensitizing myself.

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