Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What do I know so far?

I came out of my procedure quite nicely. I was happy, comfortable. Just sleepy. So I slept...they then got me dressed and in my way. I don't see the doctor. I was wheeled out to the car.....waiting by the curb. Still pretty druggy, groggy.

Butch said three polyps and cancer. Ok, waiting for you to say "kidding". Nope, no comments of kidding...but the doc didn't biopsy it. What the??? How can you say the words malignant and cancer without a biopsy to confirm?? Ok you're either that good or it was that big and ugly. Sigh.

Home, coffee on the porch. Still bugging me he didn't take a biopsy and nothing about what's next. They talked radiation and chemo to him in the hospital...but nothing to me and frankly I don't want to wait until next Tuesday for this future discussion on what's next.

I don't have a clue how a doc can say I have malignant cancer without a biopsy...but I'm sure he's seen enough to know by size/shape/etc but still, not confident I have the full story as I don't talk to the doc :/ it's all hearsay so far.

My husband has zero bedside manner for this as he just blurted it out to a drug addled person who was still wondering when the "just kidding" was coming

As I came out of the drugs more I still question why they didn't biopsy that tumor...maybe they did and Butch miss heard?? Why the hell no biopsy?.

So happy wait....and bleed a bit more today thanks to polyp snips. Ewh!

The lighter side they gave me such a hard time in the room because I was saying I tried an enema, but never again. I was telling them someone should put pictures out there if what is normal ranges of colors textures in the toilet. I mean really. Give a girl more to go on. No pun intend. But really. I did need Some hints. I found them today of all times!

The nurses and I were laughing about the Easter egg hunt I had with monitor leads while in the ER...I found THREE more when I got home even AFTER I lifted my boobs and had Bitch look there were two hiding under the left breast AND one on my chest. After this discussion the nurse said she would leave me an Easter egg hunt for later....and I may need to check between my butt cheeks. I was dying....maybe I should check again all over? LOL

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