Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Colon prep...

Ok I like this Drs prep. Two Dulcolax (pills) then 64 oz of Miralax (Liquid) followed with two last pills at or before 4pm. Here we go (pun intended!)!!. Why would I say I like this already? There is NO taste to Miralax!! That other stuff is gaggy!!!

Also, blood work done. I drove over there and sat outside waiting fir them to open at 8. We got in at 7:45 and out by 7:50. Sweet!!

Maybe I don't like this...it's not working. It's now 12:30pm and no poop in sight. Sad when you're now HOPING for raging diarrhea.... I took two MORE Dulcolax. Maybe that will get me going? I'm down to less than half of the Miralax left to take. Good news is that it still tastes great 😜 small favor of it doesn't start working!!! 😳.

Well, lets add a popsicle to the mix and see if that moves things along..... nope.

3pm called the hospital asked fir a later schedule. 6:15 is the latest. Really?? Hum. This may be an issue.

Got off the phone and had a slight poo. Yay?

Downed the remainder of the Miralax...took FOUR Dulcolax - we ain't playing any more!! Had to have the completed by 4pm. Mission accomplished. Let's see if my body will get on board.


5pm. OK sad to say that the needed reaction is happening. Now to hydrate the heck out of myself and pray this works. We're movin now! Ugh!!

11pm. Still not clear...sh*t. No, really I need to be over this. Broke down. Sent the oldest fr an enema. Yeah, first and LAST of those, thank you very much.

12:30. Kill me now. This had better be clear e-friggin nuff. I'm going to bed.

6:15 show time tomorrow and I'm the LAST one to go in. Yeah me. The good news? It will all be over but the crying tomorrow. I may have to do a two day prep next time. Sucks!!!

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