Monday, August 17, 2015

Work work work.

I thought our list was short enough to justify Mom and Dad coming down. I thought we would have lots of extra time. Hahahahaha. I should KNOW nothing is that quick/easy/painless.

I had wanted to bring dads little green rolling cart to paint however a good old fashioned chair did the trick as well. Dad did a great job painting and caulking to baseboard in the bedroom. Looks GREAT!!

Dad then assisted Angela with dresser assembly. Between them they assembled a beautiful little blue dresser.

Angela also assembled the cutest table for the dining room.

Dad attempted to install the hardware on the closet door. Angela and I both failed it. Butch ended up installing it. Yay Butch!

We also were greeted with the new counters. However discovers a few "treats" left over from the install.

Glue glob. Yeah, that removed a little paint. :( booo

They also cracked the faceplate on the stove during install.

The most shocking is the color. In the pictures it didn't look blue enough. How very silly I was! Look at that color!!!

And onto hooking the gas back up!!

All the way in!!

Butch in the hole and Dad supervising. Worked out well. Has all hooked back up and a functional stove.

On to the rest of the house.

Pillow cases put in place. Bringing all the colors together.

Curtains up!! The far right corner gave me FITS. Butch had to step in and rescue me from myself and power tools!!

The bunk room has ART and the rug went down even though it's not my favorite, it's nice to have it in the morning on your feet. Angela stayed in the room this weekend and the beds passed with flying colors on the comfort scale. Good to know.

She was also thrilled with the curtains. Installing them was funny. We measured everything but the rod. Whoops. I on the bracket too far out and had to remove, relocate and paint over my spackle job.

I picked these up at goodwill. I debated the frames however really loved the boats!

The coral room. I needed more light but it was a rainy and still needs a bit more work to pull this room together.

Master bedroom. Note the blue dresser on the right.

Another angel. Cute little dresser.

The kitchen again with the table in place. I was able to sit with Mom and Dad for breakfast. We got easily however I wouldn't sit there while anyone was cooking!!

Cute little table on a rainy dreary day (the massive can lights ARE on!)

And the final push before heading back to the house. It was a productive weekend.

The list was set to paint the hallway patch job and around the kitchen walls with wall paint - done.
Paint the baseboards that were installed last trip (bedroom and kitchen - both single walls) - done.
Install doorknobs - done.
We also caulked all the gaps in the doorways. Well MOST of them. I ran out (again!) of caulking before done (THREE tubes!). Lots of gaps!!
Clean - done!
Replace the pump housing - nope but a possible connection to get it done? Hard to tell.

And with that another weeks done.

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