Saturday, August 22, 2015

Destin bound and having fun

First let me apologize for the horrid color on these photos. My phone camera got stuck on a weird color setting on there and me without glasses the fist half and not paying attention the second really makes for some badly colored photos. But photos they are and documentation as well, so they stay ;)

I had seen on a blog ( 8/9/2015) about her visit to Destin and an antique shop there called Antiques on Holiday. I thought vacation type holiday. Come to find out the STREET its on is Holiday street. Cool. The place was AWESOME. And I need to hit the lottery to bring some of the GIGANTIC cabinets and built-ins back to Georgia with me!!

Karen found a small bottle of wine for us to share tonight as well ;)

I was caught flirting with my new boyfriend ;)

Can't you believe this is antique French lighting?? Really. I must have this. Hahahahaha. Nope.

Yep this is really the price wowzer they LOVED their stuff there!!

We continues on through one more antique store just in front of the first. Made our way to Old Time Pottery where a new table was purchased for a lamp in the living room. It's growing on me. My favorite is art I picked up but I think I'll make you wait until we hang Ito see it ;)

We went to Goodwill then headed to the beach.

Beautiful day out there even if we looked pained in our smiles! A nice relaxing day.

Home again and we ate leftovers for dinner after a big Mexican lunch out today. Then over to visit Sally for a bit and home again to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening surfing blogs and Pinterest.

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