Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What I learned this weekend (Florida house)

The main bathroom is TINY


I have never had to stay in any other bedroom and use the main bath to get ready. 


I found you can't open the door to the closet in there without bonking (technical term) into the old fashioned towel rack and you certainly can't stand in there, and see yourself in the mirror with the closet door open. 


Solution?  Remove the closet door.  It's not really needed in my opinion – the closet in there is currently holding towels, a makeup tray and a few long skinny trays for tooth brushes and toothpaste.  I guess my only issue with removing the door is now there is an open shelf close to the potty that has tooth brushes in it... then again, I store mine in the medicine cabinet behind the mirror, so I don't care :)  That’s evil isn’t it?  The medicine cabinet will hold three of those skinny containers easily for tooth brushes and toothpaste.  They’re very handy!  (The medicine cabinet AND the trays for the items)


The 1/2 bath doesn't have this issue because the cabinet is off to the right when you stand at the sink and I'm not social while getting ready so having the bathroom door shut while having the closet door open doesn't bug me :)  Mom pointed out there is nowhere to put blow dryers and curling irons when you’re getting ready in that bathroom as well.  I hadn’t noticed as I always have the closet door open and mostly just plop the hairdryer into the sink anyway!  (and I don’t use an iron)


I will have to look for another one of those “hot” holders for the back of the toilet in that room.  I have the one in the main bath, it’s not been on the back of the toilet as I had the towel hook bar over there waiting to be hung (which it is now). 


Next up in the main bath is the artwork I had planned to hang in the main as well as the face towel/washcloth hooks to be put in place over the toilet…. See, the list isn’t ending is it???  Sigh.  Oh, well, at least it’s getting shorter J


I would LOVE to get rid of the old fashioned towel rack in the main bathroom, however it’s the old 1960’s tiled in place rack.  Yeah… I researched it on YouTube – you have to chisel each of the end tile mounts out, then replace the now missing tile with a replacement tile.  As this is 1960s tile and I doubt anyone carries that pale gray blue color anymore, so matching the color would be a booger.  I think we will just leave it in place for now and reformat the room if/when we ever gut/remodel it we’ll remove all of those and put up more modern fixtures.

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