Friday, August 21, 2015


Deserted the fam in favor of a girls weekend disguised as a trip for the home inspection for insurance.

Karen met me at the house and we drove down together. We had Good trip down, and when we got here I got to met a new friend in Cleo. What a hoot!

Karen's sister met us as well. We dashed out for a quick lunch and to pick up groceries before the cable guy and inspectors came.

When we got back home the cable guy was already here (early!). We sat and visited while the cable guy installed everything waited. We had a little bit more of a wait until the inspector made it.

The inspector was very impressed with the little house. Took lots of pictures and said "no problems here". I would hope not for all the $$ that's been poured in ;)

I've also learned a lot about gluten free stuff today too. Interesting. Not sure I could do it unless I had to!

After the inspector left we loaded the old table into Cleo's car as she fell in love with it and really I was going to donate it anyway, so it's much more fun to see it go to a home that wants it ;). She was thrilled. ;) me too.

Karen, Kathy and I then went to the beach to take a walk. Very nice night for a walk on the beach. The sunset wasn't so impressive due to the clouds, but a nice walk.
We saw these.

What is that? Closer look

Still unsure??

Picture from Google. It's a button jelly fish and I would have taken WAY more pictures of them but my phone died. Dang battery!!! Ugh. They were all over and the seagulls weren't eating them either. I picked one up with no ill effect. Glad they didn't sting of affect me in any way. Some can have reactions to the tentacle. I'm not one, thank goodness ;)

After that, back home to clean up and try a gluten free dinner. Not too bad really ;) we talked some more then bed early as we had all been up early this morning. The only difference is that neither one of them sleep well. We'll see how o I do sleeping later than 6:30! Wish me luck!

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