Thursday, November 13, 2014

Almost forgot!

On the way home from Chattanooga we were hungry for lunch right about Kennesaw. Mom had seen a nice show on the sustainability projects done with the Culinary services there at the university and had wanted to eat there, so we stopped. shows you more of their sustainability process. Very interesting to hear about it all, but going to eat there was an experience.

They place was PACKED for lunch (even at 1:30pm) and very loud with the kids in there eating and visiting. It was definitely an experience to say the least. The Pizza dough was really good, then after watching the movie I know why - they are all made fresh every day from scratch. Definitely watch the "Plow to Chow" movie on the right side is very informative.

Linda and I were trying to look up what the attendance of the university is and I found it today - it's big at 24,175. I thought that was HUGE until I looked up Georgia Southern where Liz goes and it's 20,212. Southern Utah University is a tiny 7,750 students... REALLY TINY in comparison!! Eye opening for me!

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