Wednesday, November 12, 2014

AGW Day Three

Day three dawned very COLD!!
 This morning was cause for a Camel Macchiato (sp?) on the patio as it was very chilly with a cold front coming down - arctic air on the way.. burrrrr
 I think the overcast day really makes the RED glow  -  don't you???
 I decided to take a nice panorama of the view... to the far left is the baseball field, then the parking garage (I know, pretty, right?) the water, then the aquarium.  This is a WONDERFUL aquarium It is where we used to bring the girls before they got the one in ATL.  It has a river side (first in the line up from left to right, then the ocean side.  just a fun adventure to be had... to the far right of the ocean section is a nice waterway step/splash area that goes all the way to the river and ends with some cool water cannons.  There is also a walk bridge about a block further down that way too.  Just a really fun outdoor place to go and tourist... maybe not in November, but still a fun place!

We then went to the Chattanooga Choo-Choo Hotel and vacation complex.  Very tourist trap, but cute in it's own right.

 We do like each other, I was going to (may still) Photoshop us all together into one single shot :)

I went to the desk to see if we could see one of the train cars that is converted to a hotel room.  They gave us a key and sent us on our way.
I don't have the large establishing shot on the outside of the car, but you get the jist, you get up onto the train, turn and there is your room... you use a normal hotel key card to access it.
 This one is a family car - they take 1/2 the car and set it up as a room with a separate bath - the bath is first.
 Queen bed at one end with a daybed and trundle.  Blurry shot... drat not having glasses to see if shots are blurry or not!!  Next week, next week!
 And a sitting room.. I thought this was a flashback from the mirror then discovered it was LINDA once I got it loaded.  she was taking a picture of me, taking a picture of them at the other end.  Funny.
 The baths have a tub/shower combo and a  toilet room to the right what you're seeing by the window is really just a little closet of sorts in there.  But with all the overhead racks in the other room, I would imagine you would just hang stuff out there!

From the Choo Choo we headed back towards the hotel and off to the north part of town to get some souvenirs at a lower cost.  We had sucess at Walgreens of all places!

Our comments on the walk on that side of town was all about the nice crunchy leaves... we don't GET leaves like this around us.. it was nice to crunch and kick through the leaves making our way back to the shuttle buss and back to the hotel to make our way home.

Linda is on her second adventure while staying in ATL for her convention the end of this week.  We dropped her off at her hotel near Georgia Tech and as I had to use the potty before getting stuck in traffic, I went in with her.  Good thing I did!  She was sent to the downtown area hotel as this one had a big issue with water damage in their rooms...   WOW - had we just dumped/hugged/ran she would have had to figure out how to GET to the new hotel to boot!  So we jumped back in the car and headed downtown.  About two blocks from her new hotel there were about 4 fire engines and other assorted emergency vehicles in front of a building.  There were MORE firetrucks still coming in as we were making our way to her place and she texted us a while later and said there were still MORE emergency vehicles going that way!  Wonder what on earth happened  there???  Hope she makes it through the next part of her adventure and enjoys her conference even if she hadn't planned on staying right in the middle of downtown!

And with that Mom and I are home and the blog is updating from a computer and all is well with the world :)

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