Monday, November 10, 2014

All Girls Weekend - day 1

Day 1
I got up at normal time however dropped Angela off at school rather than have her ride the bus. A perk of mommy being home for the morning.

We drove to Tanger and had brunch at the Denny's there and mom and Linda did some shoe shopping/exchanges.

Then on the road again! We made great time to Chattanooga and chose to go ahead and start our adventures.

I had read that the incline railway was closed for maintenance however when we got here it was open. BONUS! We started there. It was IMPRESSIVE.

Us in the beginning. Nice recliner chairs. The walk in and such was awkward. But we understand why. The top is a 72% grade!!

Looking up the track. There are two cars and they are at either end of the HUGE cable so as one car comes up, the other is going down. They pass in the middle.

Going UP

And at or near the top!! look through the front window. Those seats that were recliner-ish now are almost dumping you put the front. Really impressive!!

Checking the views

Ok I need to photoshop this and the next together for the full effect!

Going down!!

Then off to Rock City. Very interesting if not a bit hoaky in spots BUT they had all the water off because they were erecting Christmas lights throughout the area. But still - fun places to wander through.

Walking through the needles eye

Yes, I had to walk through sideways pretty much the whole way through.

And some really cool swings on ewe went to the pavilion area and made our way to Lovers Leap

I really think this waterfall is faked. I don't recall seeing a stream down below the fall and there was a nice rocked in pond at the bottom.
Oh well it was pretty!

The official overlook to the states. This has proven false as the curvature of the earth prevents it but you can see quite a LONG distance from up there!!

There are spots of red in the leaves. Apparently this is just not a heavily red area of growth because on the drive up the hill there are tons of beautiful RED leaves over the road.

That being done we headed to the hotel to settle in.

It was as advertised with a cute little balcony and a wonderful river view. I want to get coffee and enjoy this in the morning.

The rest of the room is fairly normal.

And did I mention we are right next to the aquarium. Hum. Maybe we should go there too? I do LOVE this aquarium. This is where we would come to when we first moved here. It's only 3 to 4 hours north and such a great one!

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