Monday, April 1, 2013

Week in progress - Day 1 (Monday)

Monday: consignment store run!
I only had $60 profit from Easter drop off... Only - ha! It was great profit. I bought some sheets and took mom to lunch - yum!
Next month will be a teensiest tiny profit as I didn't put much in :)

So I came home by way of Lowes and picked up blocks for a tiny wall. I picked up 20 blocks and two bags of pea gravel.

Yeah. I had to go back and got twenty five more blocks and two MORE bags of pea gravel - and I still don't have enough gravel. Hurumph!

While taking a break the pool guys showed up to drain the pool for the new liner! I took a longer break than planned. But that's cool.

Then I forgot to go to my Chiropractor this afternoon. Crap!! Ah well lots more done than not!

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