Saturday, April 6, 2013

The weekend. Saturday - 2nd to last day off :(

Makes me sad to think I have to return to work Monday. Booooo. I should be a stay at home mom, but lets face it, not gonna happen. AND I'm still not good at this. I didn't cook all week! Yes, horrible mom and home maker. Ah, well you can't win them all, right?
Today started as most have all week. Up at 8:30... However motivation was lacking today. I did get out and dry off the soon to be "little yellow table" as I mistakenly left it outside overnight. I had gotten one coat of paint on it yesterday. The sun was up so I dragged the wooden ironing board out and put some of the wipe on polyurethane on it.
If looks GREAT if I do say so myself ;). It's in its new home upstairs now. Holding a karaoke machine at present.
A few more coats on the yellow table and some more scrubbing on the grout in the kitchen.
Some sorting and box breakdown and I think I'll shove then in the car to take to works cardboard bin Monday.
So it's looking better.
The pool in the other hand is looking yellow with the brown bottom. Weird effect. Not all horrible, just takes some getting used to.


In shadow.
Butch feels it will warn up faster.
The jury is still out. I do, however, love the boarder. The only issue is only 2/3 shows. Weird. Oh well, the bottom is smooth, there are no more patches, just new liner and new overflow that I'm dying to run today but cant as they have not finished cutting in all the holes - the skimmer and the pool supplies are still not hooked in yet. Also still need the hot tub
cleaned out and the sand replaced in the filter. Then we'll be at 100%

Isn't stopping me from enjoying MY favorite spot regardless!!
Temperature is back in the 70's after a few days in the 40's and 50's - all is right with the world!!

Little yellow table is yellow now! Now to put tile on the top. Question is - will it happen today?
Pool guy just hooked everything back up. Skimmer and such is working. Now for them to put the hot tub to rights and clean it - yuck!!

And all before 3pm. Not too shabby for no motivation.

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