Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day two (Tuesday)

An empty pool!

Angled so you can see it all in one frame.
The house is now vacuumed as well. Small accomplishment, but an accomplishment nonetheless. Unsure what is in the agenda for today. Guess its finish the flower bed.

And Angela and I went for "breakfast" (it was after 11am so really it was lunch) at Waffle House. After my haircut well be going to see The Host at the movies.
AND tomorrows event is planned as well.
While at Lowes getting the pea gravel to finish off my garden Angela picked out some spinach to grow. I picked out Cilantro and radish and carrots and we picked up some flower boxes to grow them in!

Angela got them all planted and I cleaned off the deck! Busy morning!!
I came home from my hair appointment to see this!

Super naked pool!!

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