Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day Three (Wednesday)

Cherry Blooms!
 Angela announced she would like to go to the zoo, that she has no memory of going to the zoo... which, regretfully is very true as we left Utah when she was 2.5 and when we got here we didn't go to the zoo at all - it's an hour plus away, so who can justify that?  Not me!!
So - today we had our first outting to the zoo... and discovered it's just not for Angela. Sigh. *I* still enjoyed the heck out of it.
The first thing we saw was the elephant - she's a big one!!
 I bought foot to feed the parakeets :)

 We checked out the meercats.
 A BIG Rino... and you know what *I* discovered about zoos in Georgia?  All the animals have a red hue... wonder why...all that RED clay!!
 Doesn't this gorilla look forlorn?  I saw her sitting up there all alone behind the wires and thought "oh, how sad..... she's not with the group - turns out there are two groups with two differnt silver backs in their confines.  I guess the two can't mix?  Who knows.
 This guy cracked me up... he was laying on his belly when he rolled over and then crossed his legs and just "chilled" for a bit.  Ha!
 One of the three "babies" in the cages... this is a younger one.. but NOT the youngest!
 THIs is the youngest... can you see her in her mom's arms?  She was sound asleep!  She's only three weeks old - the youngest in the group.
 Here's a better picture of mom and baby...
 Yet another baby in the zoo - hanging out with mom in the hammock
 Not a baby, but a red panda hanging out in her tree house preening and primping.
 I wish this would have focused on this old guy... he was sitting on the edge of the moat just checking everyone out and rolling something around in his mouth... I swear he looked like was thinking "get a load of this bunch of idiots"  ha!
 Another baby in the zoo... soooo cute just clinging to his moms back.  There was one other mom in the cages, but I didn't get a good shot of that baby...
 And with that we had toured the whole zoo - it's not much bigger than Hoggle really and without having little kids to play in the playgrounds and me not wanting to check out the petting zoo full of goats and sheep, we headed on out... once you've seen them all, you've seen them all... sadly

THIS is a dream house for me... on the corner near the zoo - very pretty victorian.
After the zoo we went to Ikea to get some stuff for me... and to eat some lunch.  Their meatball special is very good and very inexpensive for what you get.  We then walked all of Ikea just shopping and enjoying... until the last two sections and Angela was loosing it... feet hurt and she was DONE walking.  No choice in this one as carts are few and far between and she's 13 and too big for one anyway.  ha!  So we headed out to the car and home.  On the way home, we had to pass by The Varsity and I told her we needed to get an orange shake - she couldn't fathom why until she had one.  YUM!
A quick stop off at the outlet mall to return some shoes and we were on our way home.  And only 4pm - I didn't think we would be home until 10pm with all we had planned.  Oh, well, my feet hurt too, but I wasn't going to admit it!!

HERE is what greeted me when I got home... an NEW liner!!

They still have to cut in all the "details" like the light, the steps and the overflow - however the rest is looking great!!!!

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Linda Liebhardt said...

Wow! It's like a whole new pool! Do you like the brown better than the blue one before. Gee, next time go red like all the other stuff in Georgia. ha.