Thursday, July 27, 2017

I have opened the gates of hell

Oh good lord be careful what you wish for. Apparently I have unblocked and unblocked. And unblocked. Lordie.

I shall not complain too loudly as I'm finally able to get things moving...however time to back off the laxative portion of the regimen!!

My poor bum!!


Linda Liebhardt said...

Yeah, your poor POOR bum!! Neosporin to soothe and heal.
I thought that sounded like a rather vigorous regimen. Rein it in a little and hopefully you can find a happy medium to keep things flowing (not squirting! ha). Ugh.

Donna said...

What's sad it it was more the cramping issue. Poos were fairly solid which was good. Just frequent and lots of cramps along with it 😟

Again, just glad things are moving. I have already stocked on A&D ointment for bums per a recommendation on chemo. I'm ready for just about anything! I am sticking with everything but the laxative laced stool softeners. The rest all stays. I think laxatives are causing cramps.

The sad thing is zero weight loss this week (since Saturday) booooo 🙁

Maybe it will catch up in the next few days.