Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Say a prayer for us!

We're turning the gas on Thursday in the little house. This will mean HEAT and HOT water in the house. What a change that will be from rinsing out paint brushes and rollers in COLD water the last few times we've been there. Why a prayer for us? Pray that the heater is in good working order and that everything goes smoothly with the lighting of the pilot lights for it and the water heater :)

Next up is electrical work and dry wall fixes in the kitchen.

Well, really, next up will be getting the stove delivered into the house on the third THEN getting an electrician into there to get the work done that I want done.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that the delivery is premature as we don't have a floor yet - however, we purchased it at a VERY good price. The price was even less than I could get with Black Friday prices (like $600 off good price)... so we bought it and put it on layaway with very ambitious timelines. Ah, well. We'll put it into the laundry room for now, then get the rest worked on and finished in due time...

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