Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 1 of vacation.

Departure and drive down

I was very surprised to see fall colors as we reached mid Florida ;)

We found our hotel without issue. It was under construction. Butch had been told a few rooms were under construction however we found the whole lobby was filled with drop cloths and construction workers. All in all they left by 6pm and weren't there until after we were leaving the next day. The thing that was really affected was parking and I almost made a COSTLY booboo. I asked if the parking lot next door was available and the guy said yes, the same person owned both hotels. So I parked in the very nice open lot as the hotel lot was full of construction workers cars and dumpsters.

The next day I went to move Sally's car over there only to read the sign that it was the restaurant next door and was marked on the entry that it was a tow zone. Oops! I promptly put Sally's car back and went and brought MINE back over to the hotel lot. Geeze! When I pulled in a construction worker told me they really will tow if are over there so I was lucky my car was still there THAT next morning too!! Yikes!!

Anyway that night we went to Walmart and to a few other places including a very BIG Dicks sporting goods store. ;) you can imagine the fun we had with Sally for that turn of phrase. ;)

After shopping we ventured out to a Korean restaurant nearby.

The name cracks me up however it was far from sorry ;)

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