Saturday, December 20, 2014

Day 2 of vacation

We had a nice breakfast and loaded up to head to the cruise.  Talk about a HORRIBLE goat rope with zero instructions or hint on what you're supposed to be doing.  Really ZERO.  Tossed off a shuttle and todld to get out of the road then nada.  nothing but "Sir, you can't take your luggage in there"  when you ask the same person where are you supposed to take it they say NOTHING.  really??  I guess I'll have to assume that the porter did not speak English or something because he was of zero help to me.  He didn't say "I'll check it here, you just give it to me and then get in line there"  nothing... just stared at me.  Sigh.  Such a goat rope.  So, when someone yelled at us yet again for being in the way and not knowing what we were doing, they finally figured out we had ZERO clue what to do and got us a porter.  Goodness... that took way too much off my life on that part, really!

Once that was worked out, we got in line after line.  Through an airport type security check with x-ray machines as well.
 And no food was to be brought in... Liz had a bananna
 So did Butch... :)
 Mooooo... total cattle call ;)  When then got our Sea Card (room key/money card/lifeline) and got on the boat!

We ate some lunch at the buffet then went to our rooms to drop off stuff (rooms were to open at 1pm

They weren't open  yet :(  We only had to wait a few minutes before we could load on in...
 no luggage yet.

  So we dropped off most of our stuff and headed to the deck to watch our departure and prepare for our drill... I was on the top deck and had heard all the hoopla about "there will be 7 short blasts on the horn, then one long" and we were then to report to our stations... well, I was asleep on the top deck when it came.  I heard the horns, but they were so distant I thought it was the boat next door that was doing it... then someone came by and said "there will be a drill..." I thought, yeah, they told me that... but what he was saying is THIS IS the drill.  ha!  I did get up with the 2nd guy came by to tell me that this was the drill.
 Me in the foreground, Butch and Sally in the background!  Angela got stuck at the front of the line and I couldn't get a good shot of her!
 Liz was one of the late arrivals at the "back" of the line of people in our group.
 top deck watching as we shove off
 Butch and Sally having a margarita for the departure.

 Our room all loaded up :)
 Dinner the first night!  We did the formal dining every night, however after the first formal breakfast we opted to do the buffet and omelette bar from that day forward.  So each night we ate dinner in the dining room and did breakfast and lunch at the buffet.
 the Centrum was beautiful all decorated up for Christmas.
There was another cruise that left as we did.. they were so pretty in the distance.  I'm sure we were just as lit up and pretty to them :)

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