Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lawyer frustrations

This process takes WAY too long!!
June 25 - place winning bid on house
July 5 - 10 day wait for anyone to contest the sale
July 10 - title on house issued by county
July 11 - notification sent to current occupants of house to vacate or produce valid lease
July 14 - writ of possession paperwork filed with courts

The retarded Lawyer MAILED it... as of Thursday it still wasn't in the courts hands.  My email went unanswered to her Friday of "what is your backup plan to get the paperwork THERE?"  I suggested a courier service.  I mean come on, I have been hounding here every step of the way to get the paperwork here/there, etc.. I was the one that emailed her the NIGHT I found out the title had been issued late the day prior... she should KNOW to hurry this along and not waste my time doing the whole thing by US post office when there is no tracking!  Goodness!!!

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