Monday, July 21, 2014

Here a Writ, there a Writ, everywhere a Writ....

I am finally resigning myself to the fact that I will probably not be "in" the tiny house until after the first of August... Seriously - at the rate this crap drags on, if it takes a week for the judge to review and rule on the writ of possession.

I have to remember, just because the summons for writ is AT the courts doesn't mean it's not now at the bottom of a very LARGE stack of paper.

So writ was delivered to the Annex at FWB on Friday - with a 1 business day transfer timeline to get it shuffled over to the main court - anticipated arrival and logging time would have been today at best. So, the paperwork is in play - finally. After reading everything I do believe this could have been a stalling tactic by the lawyer - who may not be "the" lawyer for long. I have read that for mailing of any item the courts want you to add an additional 5 days to the "count" of days. So if the eviction notice was mailed on the 11th (as claimed) the 5 day period would have been the 18th - doesn't that seem fishy that the paperwork miraculously started moving again then?

So... now it's at the courts. This could take upwards of a week - THEN we add the sheriff's office and their scheduling into the mix to SERVE the paperwork. This could again, take a week - or three - depending on their backlog of work. So... August it is... I can do August... I just have to know what on earth I'm looking at. ON a plus side, I now have insurance as of tomorrow on the place. That gives me some piece of mind. The COST however does not give ANYONE piece of mind. Good gracious! Ok, this is going to be worth it, this is going to be worth it, this is going to be worth it...

Butch was talking to me on the porch the other day and was saying in three years when Angela is out of high school we should consider moving down there. I have found his job nitch down there too - adaptive fishing. Seriously there are NONE in the FWB/Destin area. The closest I could find were in the Keys. I mean, come on folks, with a VA hospital right there, you would think there would be more need for this, wouldn't you?


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