Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hurry up and wait...

This process takes WAY too long!!
June 25 - place winning bid on house
July 5 - 10 day wait for anyone to contest the sale
July 10 - title on house issued by county
July 11 - notification sent to current occupants of house to vacate or produce valid lease
July 14 - writ of possession paperwork filed with courts

July 16 - And we're STILL waiting on a ruling from the courts on if we can evict the people in the house...

Really?? I guess if it took an additional 5 days after the waiting period was up to get the title issued, we're looking at Friday to get the judge to sign anything if we're lucky?
Sigh... I'm so over waiting... I want IN the house now...

Then I look at a calendar and it's really only been three weeks today since the winning bid., I'm not sure what I'm so worked up about :) I'm just not patient!

Of course, this just gives me more time to finish the table and other projects. Yesterday was not a day to paint as it was raining and thundering... and for all the hoopla with the wind and such, we only got about 1/4 inch of rain.

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