Friday, January 25, 2013

Moving and shifting clutter ...

The entry way "before"

Why on earth would i replace a perfectly good sofa/entry table, you ask?  It's not a great answer, but it's a good answer, it was to empty one more of THESE from the attic:
Now all of the table clothes and napkins that were in here are now in the drawers of my lovely new entry table.  The entry table is ... well, in the way right now, but will be shipped off to be loved by someone else in the near future, I'm sure!
I had to come in for it's close up shot... LOVE the red color and LOVE the hardware... shocked at where I found this little gem... are you wondering too?  BIG LOTS.  Yes sir, Big Lots had this cute table - more than I would have anticipated for Big Lots prices, however having been pricing these types of chests for a while, it was less than a chain store!!

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Suzanne said...

Nice to have more storage!