Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lost weekends (busy? weekends?)

Sad when you come back to work and think "where did the weekend go" and it was a three day weekend.

I know, the things I did were on the "must do" list... and they were all productive... and in reality I really didn't do THAT much over the weekend, but it just seems to have gone "poof" and it was gone!

Saturday... I have no clue what I did on Saturday... I went to pick a kid up from a sleep over... I did stuff around the house... but not a lot from what I can recall - see - LOST weekends!

Sunday, I got up, read the paper, had my coffee... then took off to deliver some "good mail" to Beth Christensen's house.  This is in Perry, so I went by Mom's house to drop off the paper and help her with computer stuff.  Then home and a nap - yes, a nap.  I had Liz take my temperature as I had been coming home a few nights this week falling asleep (Thursday and Friday) for a few hours, then getting up and doing what needed to be done, then back to bed at a decent hour and sleeping the whole night.  I was running a low grade fever.  Hum... weirdness.

Monday, I had to get up "early" - which translates to 8am - to get Liz to her appointment at the hospital intake for volunteering.  While she was in her orientation process I went shopping for a new table for the entry with storage.  I believe I have found my table.  Butch was actually in agreement with the one I chose.  Yay!  I'm going to pick it up on the way home!!  I then went home, fought with Angela tooth and nail to get her MOVING with what she should have done while I was gone.... after that was finally accomplished, we were off and running to the Cochran Consignment shop!  There was a cop re-directing traffic where I typically turn anyway, so I thought 'Hum, wonder what's going on?' this was further asked when I got to the consignment shop and the street was blocked off there as well - with folks lining the street.  Yep, they were having a parade!  So, I got the girls to help me in with all the consignment things and the parade started while we were still shopping!  Fun.  I stopped and watched part of it.  It was entertaining for a Monday small town parade.  Liz in the meantime found a dress for her Prom.  $50.  I used my store credit to purchase it for her.  We’ll see what the alterations will cost her (and by her, I really mean me in the end, I’m sure!)  From there it was off to Mom and Dad’s house to help them with their asparagus bed.  Dad had mowed it for us so we could put some mulch over the top.  The girls and I shoveled and raked and spread to get a good coverage over the crop.  We’ll see if this will help them grow for next year J  by now it’s 5 o-clock.  Home, dinner, bed…

And thus why I wonder just where my weekend went.  I may just have to run away to the spring expo to take a break and have a girls weekend.


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