Sunday, December 2, 2012

Scholarship Inteviews for Georgia Southern

Some brainiac decided to do the scholarship interviews the weekend of the big rivalry game.  sigh.  This means less hotels available, less choice and let me tell you, the choice we made was HORRIBLE.  La Qunita in Statesboro is horrible!  Oh, well, it was a room to sleep in. 
Lizzie getting ready for the evenings banquet where she was seated with someone from the interview panel (just not HER panel, it would appear the next day
 All ready to head on out to the banquet
 We had a nice "mingling" session prior to the event and Elizabeth was strong armed by her mom to get a picture with the president of the school :)  This should be in our local paper in the future, just not sure when.  They will also send a copy of it to our house, so I'll share it when it comes in.

We had a nice dinner and and evening of listening to speakers regarding the school and everyones LOVE of it.  It's a nice place and they really are courting these young people.  Some schools just send money, these folks have individuals who are peer mentors - they were calling Liz to tell her when and what paperwork to submit for scholarships, etc..  There is a good side to the small schools of Georgia. Then again, with her SAT scores, she was one of 160 other kids invited at this level.

Dinner was: salad wedge, then prime rib with steamed vegetables and a nice chocolate covered red velvet mini-bunt cake for dessert.  I did have to chuckle, drinks were automatically sweet tea.  Yes, you know you're in the south when your drink is automatic and automatically sweet tea :)

So, back to the hotel, sleep for a few hours, then back again to the event at 7:45 to make her 8:30 interview time.
We were able to wander around and gather information on the different majors in the school.  So, now we wait... they said she would hear something before Christmas.  She was a little bummed as she only had ONE interview and one of her classmates from her school (only three of them that she knew of/saw while there) had three interviews.  I don't know how that works, nor what that means for her, however, we just have to wait and see what happens. 

In the meantime, she has received two scholarships from SUU - one is a 10,500/year renewable academic scholarship and the 2nd came in the day we went to Statesboro - it was the alumni scholarship giving her instate tuition rates - also renewable for all four years.

I'm sure the debates will rage for a while :)

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Nat said...

This is great!!! Especially the instate scholarship from Utah!!!