Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Childhood woe's

OK, I said this would be my journal of such. I won't go into detail,
but this week is a sad week for me. This week we have found that Angela
is not handling life and stresses well. There have been times we've
laughed about her antics and pulled our hair out. Case in point the
fear to the point of phobia over spiders and bugs of all sorts last
summer and the summer prior had us wondering if we really needed to seek
outside help to get her past it. It was BAD. Really bad. Grandma even
had her house sprayed in anticipation of Angela coming to see her last
summer. It's gotten better, however there are still out bursts of
emotions. We write those off as hormones and being 13. Which, I'm sure
most of this is, however there is a definite lack of coping
mechanisms.... so it's time. We're going to see if outside intervention
will help in this matter and help her get some coping mechanisms for
stress and life in general. Help her know that the parents are NOT nuts
when we say that a lot of her stresses with school are self-inflicted
and procrastination is the major cause in all this. Maybe if she hears
it from someone outside of the parents it will sink in? Hard to know.

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Suzanne said...

I'm so sorry that she's having a hard time! I know how hard that is! Avery has been getting help for anxiety and it has made a world of difference. There's only so much we parents can do before professionals need to be called in to help. Thank heavens for them. Good luck. I know how tough it can be. Poor you and poor her. :(