Friday, November 30, 2012

College and horrific cost of meal plans

I've been hearing things and doing research on mandatory meal plans and
am FREAKING out!
Ok, so after doing some talking to someone who has already attended
Georgia Southern - well, had her daughter attend there, I am LIVID!

GSU has seen fit to demand that all freshmen live in the dorms, Ok, I
can see this... however they all demand they have a meal plan with 10
meals per week. Ok, I can deal with that too. What I can't live with is
that these meal plans are a total rip off. I'm still trying to find out
just how much of a rip off this will be. Right now if your child eats 6
meals in the dinging halls due to other obligations, activities, and or
other reasons that would keep them from going to the hall - perhaps they
are SICK that week and home on soup, they LOSE that money. Say WHAT?
It doesn't roll over you ask? NOPE. The parent LOSES that money. So,
be forewarned, if you do not eat for whatever reason you are throwing
money away!

Now what has yet to be confirmed is if the restrictions still exist as
they did a mere two years ago as to what constitutes a "meal" - because
you note it's not in dollars on a meal card, it's by MEAL, so I believe
my suspicions will be correct, you will be required to consume the
allotted "meal" dollar amount associated to that "meal" in that sitting.
SAY WHAT? Yes, if you want to go to Chick-fil-et and get a small kids
meal because you're not that hungry and the cost is $4.50 your parents
LOSE the other $1.50 with a POOF! You go through a line; you grab a
brownie for $.50? Yep, that would be your MEAL and $5.50 goes POOF.
So, be forewarned my lovelies. If you are going to Georgia Southern and
want to NOT waste your parents money, you will grab TWO apples, you will
use a LARGE dollar amount at the "pickle barrel" to buy your goodies as
your "meal" and you will eeek every dime you can out of this REQUIRED
meal plan, thank you very much!!

So, let's do some math, shall we?
Fall semester is 17 weeks - 10 meals a week, simple enough, that is 170
Total cost per semesters: $1207 - that is $7.10 per meal that is
allotted for your meal plan.
So if you're not eating $7.10 per meal you are losing money.
So if you're NOT feeling that hungry and want to eat on campus, the key
is bring a friend, get enough to cover you both, use one card, and then
have the other person pick up the next meal - it's either that or make
up all the difference by going on the last day if you have left over
"meals" and getting dorm food supplies at the pickle barrel.


Donna said...

Upon visiting its worse. $1650 however unlimited eating in the dining facilities. Sigh. College is expensive!

Linda Liebhardt said...

I wonder if SUU requires all freshmen to live in the dorms. I don't know what THEIR meals plans are, but I'll bet it is similar. However, Momma Linda charges MUCH less for food at her hours. Just sayin'.

Suzanne said...

Wow! That meal plan is highway robbery!

Linda Liebhardt said...

I think meal plans lose money on athletes with voracious appetites that eat FAR more than the $7.50 per "meal." Can you imagine how much a football player would tuck away in one meal? Yowzer!