Friday, October 5, 2012

Fair Adventures, the story

I love Fairs, I don’t know why, but I LOVE Fairs…. I love the idea of the nomad life, I like the idea of running away with the circus… I just like the whole thing… the songs, the sounds, the smells, the crowds (which for me is a first…I typically HATE crows)… but I love the Fair.
Ok, now that we have that established, I told the girls I would take them to the fair on “arm band night”.  What is that, you ask?  Well, it’s simple - $13 for ALL YOU CAN RIDE.  What?  Yep – slap on an arm band and have fun!!!  Bonus?  The kids are officially out of school for the fall break as of, you guessed it folks, LAST NIGHT.  Now me, I have to work today (Friday), but the girls get to sleep in and enjoy relaxing today.
Anyway, it all went sort of wrong for poor Liz and the girls – plural – became Angela and a friend.  The bonus?  The friends parents HATE the Fair and their work gives them free tickets.  Bonus!  So the three of us got in free, however let the money FLOW from that point forward!  Ha!  I get our arm bands and head over to get them put on and the guy sees me with two tickets and two kids and assumes the bands are for them.  Hee hee hee, no sir, that one is for ME!  Yep, I’m the OTHER kid in this here group!
We head off to the rides.  We hit the BIG Farris wheel, then the boat (love the boat – love sitting in the BACK of the boat and going completely weightless at the highest height!  Whoop!  I think I look like a fool walking around the fair with a perma-grin on.  The girls start to pull away from the mom.. which was the plan, but I’m enjoying the rides with them… sigh.  Oh, well, they go off and ride a spinny ride and I head to the swings… LOVE the swings!  I ride the swings and catch up with the girls as they are getting off their ride, THEY want to ride the swings… so I go back, go with them, get a picture…   embarrass them a bit. 
They stayed on for a second ride as there are NO lines for this one,  and I had off on my own.  I wandered from the south end of the midway to the north, making my way through all the car dealerships, shopping for cars, then through the outdoor things.  For once I skipped all the camper trailers… let’s be realistic folks, the travel trailer is NOT going to happen for me.  I’m happy with hotels and eating out, thank you very much!
I looked at the sheep being sheered for their showings, I wandered through farm equipment, drooled over the gazebo with a glider on one side and a picnic table on the other, I glide for a while, just chilling out, drinking some water from a church group (sweet of them!).  I end up talking to the builders, I find I can put TWO gliders in instead of a picnic table… and it screened… it’s looking nicer and nicer!  I have to admit, it was nice just sitting in there, gliding and enjoying my time….
Ok, back on the road, looking and wandering.  I didn’t find the chicks and the bunnies… bums me out, I enjoy that demonstration and seeing those critters.  I went through the beef display and the milk cow display… they have a REAL cow for this now, not a fake one.  Saweet!    By this time, I’m in FOOD heaven… the smells.. I’m shopping for dinner at this point.  I sit down on the shady side of the street and am thinking food when who would call but the girls – wanting – FOOD.  What timing.  After much discussion by text – they figure out where I am so that we can get a Turkey leg to gnaw on…. And between me, Angela and now TWO friends, we polish off a turkey leg, a hamburger (one friend) and a big plate of curly fries.  YUM!  The kids, fully sated, are ready to head back to the rides… I choose to head on over to see more critters and through all the sales stuff.  
I did find the Christmas tree setup for the telescoping flag pole we have… SO want one of those!!  It fits in a tiny box as well, so it’s a true bonus as it takes  up NO room, but it’s 16’ tall  Love it!!  I may talk Butch into going back to get it, or just convince him we can do this on our flag pole for the Christmas season…. I’m sure we can figure out how to make our own (yeah, right, in all our spare time, right?). 
Anyway, shopin’ and wanderin’ and I came across a vendor with the chemical heating pads – reusable.  LOVE those things.  So I’m chatting with the gal, she wanted to know where I got my Chevy bag. WAY on the other side of the midway at the other end.  For the price of a survey.  She commented she would never be able to make it over there and I told her if she talked REALLY nice to me, she could have mine (like I REALLY NEED another bag – for those of you unfamiliar, I have a bag fetish as well as a blanket fetish, oh and according to my kids a table cloth fetish as well!).  She offered me the vendors deal and it was a really good deal as I’ve said I’m in LOVE with these things.  I love that they are completely reusable as well as portable – just use, boil and reuse.  It’s at this point when we’re talking the prices of them that I remember I only have my ID, not my Credit card.  POOP!  Ah, well, I tell her I’ll have to come back when I come back the fair with the other child… BUT I’ll still trade her a plastic bag for my Chevy bag.  To which she is twitterpated and throws in two of the small hand warmer sized units J  Score!!
About now, it’s closer to 8:30, so I head back to the rides and manage to find the girls, walk with them a bit – they are outpacing me by a mile and my tootsies are screaming by now… AND I’m in my good walkin’ shoes.. but the plantar fasciitis is kickin’ today!  So, I let them run… and I head over to the “High Flyer” I have found a new “love” when it comes to rides.  That thing is UP THERE and doesn’t really rock back and forth like the yoyo … but it sure zips around!  Loved it!!  I also snuck in a ride on the boat again J  Another favorite of the fair!  Love the weightlessness of it all!  I get back in touch with the girls – BTW, now down to 4% battery… what’s UP with that????  My battery is sucking on this thing lately (down to 78% this morning too after being at 100% at 6:30)… sigh.
I find the girls, we head over to get funnel cake – yum! Then we head on out the gates at 9:30pm… whew!  LONG night.. but it’s not over, we head over to the other side of the freeway and sit in a parking lot and wait for the fireworks to start at 10pm – I wanted to be out of the fair lot before the fireworks started and the fair shut down J  Success – we watch the fireworks across the freeway, then head on to the house… tired, worn out, but everyone’s happy!  Well, except poor Liz who’s friends all bailed on going to the fair… and she was left behind because practice wasn’t over until 5:30pm.  Poor Liz – she’ll go another night with friends !

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