Monday, October 8, 2012

Cousins and Holidays

Gail, Seth, Caroline and Johnathan came over today to visit.  The girls went swimming for a bit... well, that's not right because they came to visit earlier, sans bathing suits and we were being slugs around the house... I had done laundry and organized some disks (trashed some, organized others for thrift)... but for the most part... SO boring.  Caroline asked if she could stay with us, i warned her we were boring.. she didn't buy it!  Ha we proved correct about 2 hours into her stay over here.. she was bored and wanted to go - ha!
Gail and Seth came back with a swimsuit for Caroline and she and Angela jumped into the pool - BURRRR.. it's about 72 degrees.  So, really, in the big scheme of things not truly frigid, just a little chilly.  I started the hot tub heating in the mean time.  They never did make it to the hot tub.
They did however, get to witness Johnathan kick Lizzie's butt in Wii

 Lizzie was a good sport about being beat by a 3 year old! 
AND Caroline and Angela helped to creep up the front porch for me!  Ya!!

Height Check - AND Gail ins on her toes - well, as much as Caroline would let her get up on them.. she was in the background trying to grab a shoulder and drag her back down to size.  Yep, Angela's gonna be a TALL one :)

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