Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hello, my name is Donna and I'm a TV-aholic

We were comparing new shows here at work today and I realize I really, really, really enjoy TV. 

I have been watching all the “new” shows – trying to determine which ones will be worthy of my DVR space, and I realized at home that it’s bad when you have FOUR shows you want to record in any given time slot.  Yes, it’s THAT bad.

Now some of those, I know will record in the front room as they are favorites of everyone in the house.  Bones, Warehouse 13, The Mentalist, White Collar”  to name a few.  HOWEVER there is starting to be quite the dilemma on what I choose to record and what I choose to go and look for “on demand”. 


I discovered one yesterday called The Neighbors about a human family buying a house in a subdivision of all aliens.  It’s so slapstick funny.

There are a few more that I have watched and enjoyed – Last Resort – could go the way of “Jericho” as it’s a war/military based one.  Submarine crew is given orders through a secondary/less secure means of communication to fire on Pakistan.  They question the orders and request proper more secure channels of communications.  They are then fired on by US ships, duck into an island nearby (just happens to have a NATO base on it) and take it over with threats of retaliation if someone threatens them… they are pushed, fight back and are at a stalemate at the end of the first episode.

Revolution is another one that I’m watching… I’m “on the fence” about this one still…. Has the chance to do something good and be like “walking dead” or something similar without zombies.

Elementary has me intrigued as a good crime drama as well… we’ll see how it pans out with its actors

Mob Doctor was surprisingly good to me as well


There are still a few more on the DVR and ‘on demand’ that I will check out as time permits.  Last night was dedicated to catching up on OLD shows – Grays Anatomy – which I’m VERY disappointed in them tossing us in on our heads into the middle of the story without finishing off last years story, they’ll do that next week.  Come on folks, really?  Confused me.  I went back to ‘on demand’ a few times to see if I had missed a show prior.  Really NOT right.


Private Practice did a good job of putting us right where we left off and moving on with the stories of the day.  Worked for me.  I enjoyed it.  It was comfortable, and anticipated.


Liz love the show Once Upon a Time.  I’m OK with it, but it’s a stretch for me most nights.

I have yet to watch The Mindy Project, The New Normal, Nashville


Donna said...

666 Park Avenue is also one with potential.

Anonymous said...

You really ARE a TV addict. I can barely find one show that I like which is "blue Bloods." The rest of the time I just record old sitcoms from the 60s and 70s, etc. Dull.
---Aunt T

Anonymous said...

To somewhat my defense, I rarely watch "live" TV and rarely watch commercials. I had to go get a new remote as I wore mine out with FF and Play!  I tape everything or watch "on demand" through the cable box. 

And I multi task. Last night I was working in the laptop on an order while watching something. 

Linda Liebhardt said...

I ONLY watch "Once Upon a Time" and usually on the computer with limited commercial interruptions. I occasionally watch Castle or the Mentalist with Mike. Those are his favorites, so I kind of know what's happening in them. But I'm also fine with just catching the season finale and premier. Then the rest is not necessary!