Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Technology dependence

I’m a techno junkie… it’s official.  If I leave my phone at home, I feel naked.  What’s up with that?

It wasn’t THAT long ago that we had just came back from overseas and I didn’t have a clue about cell phones.  While cell phones were gaining in popularity over here, and well established, however expensive in Europe, we were blissfully unencumbered by cell phones.  We didn’t feel the need to be constantly in touch with the world.  We would go to the beach and only talk to those around us… shocking!  Then came the cell phones… we were constantly in touch with the folks in our lives, if even for a brief minute to call and say “hi, how’s your day going?”

Next came day planners, everyone LOVED day planners… then they moved electronic.  Oh, the horror of it.  I moved from Franklin planner purse – it was my life – to carrying a phone AND an electronic planner.  That got old in a hurry, so I relented and moved my planner to my phone.  GREAT.  Life now in ONE spot.  Phone, planner, everything in ONE spot…. Then the advent of “smart” phones with internet… now we carry not only our whole life, but our communications with the world via email right there with us every day.  There isn’t a day that you’re not in contact in some form of fashion. 

Face Book brought us to a newer level of watching others lives unfold.  Sharing our own as well as we have bigger events.  Blogging has added to this as well.  This is great – really.  I have been in pseudo contact with folks I haven’t talked to or really related to on a one on one level in years, decades even.  Those that really DO want to know what I’m doing, can see what I’m doing on a monthly basis via the blog (or I guess I should say epiphany moments and/or life changing events I want to document, as I use this blog as a journal of sorts).  They can also follow me daily, hourly, secondly (ha!) if they so choose on Face Book – however, I just don’t post that much on there.   I’m a stalker.  I go, I read, I catch up on peoples lives, I laugh, I look at pictures and I move on.  I check blogs all the time to see if anything momentous has happened… I comment, I LOVE seeing all the blogs and the news.  I have had the joy of watching little nieces and nephews having babies, raising babies, watching those babies grow.  It’s FUN.  It’s a great time.  No more waiting around for snail mail to get there.  No more printing pictures to send copies to all the mother’s, fathers, grandmothers of the world…. But it’s also sad too.  There aren’t a lot of printed pictures anymore.  Not a lot of photo albums, unless you enjoy scrapbooking – and sometimes even if you DO enjoy scrapbooking as you don’t “get” to all the pictures….

My goal on that level last year was to print out all my pictures anytime there was a special on the photo printing sights…. I now have almost updated albums in my house… my NEXT goal is to get a bookshelf to have them in my living room so EVERYONE knows where they are and what year they contain… so they can enjoy the pictures too.  So they don’t sit in my craft room WAITING for me to finish an album to go to someone… or finish a page that is in my head, but not in reality…

Maybe my NEXT goal would be to start WRITING letters again too … sending printed pictures… going back to the basics.

So, what brought this on?  Oh, yeah, I left my phone at home!

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