Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year - Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today is the 5th anniversary of meeting Butch. What? I just had my
18th wedding anniversary and my children are to be 17 and 13 this year?
Hum... weird... oh, yeah - look at the DAY that today is. Happy Leap
Year Day. Today is the 5th anniversary of me meeting Butch, way back in
the days of yore in Las Vegas.
Now, on to topics from what has been going on my so called busy life and
all that has been getting done (read into this adventures of a manic
Saturday started slow.. I had been working on some of the taskings from
the decluttering group that a friend from work had started - and truth
is that the tasks were from the week or so prior, but they were getting
done today. I cleaned out my undies drawer. Sure you wanted to hear
about that, hu? This meant pulling most of the stuff that is a bit
"older" out and sorting into donate, trash, sell @ thrift store (bra's
only - don't freak!). That took place while watching shows on TV and
bumming around. All the while Lizzie is chomping at the bit to go
somewhere, anywhere so she can drive, so we headed to Mom's house to
drop off the sewing machine (perfect excuse, only she really didn't want
it back - ha!) I fixed something on her computer, talked about her
family history book I'm doing, then we did a mad dash back to town. Liz
wanted to see a movie and I was game (we did ask Butch and Angela -
neither of them were interested). We went to the $2 theater (1.99, but
who's counting?) and enjoyed a nice movie (Sherlock Holmes 2) then
headed home stopping by Red Box to see if we could find "In Time" -
another movie that has been on the list a while. We went home and
watched that on pay per view - movie watching fools!
Sunday. I got up got my coffee, read the paper. I had been reminded by
dad to PLANT the hydrangea plant he had left at my house on Friday in a
bucket... so I walked out grabbed the plant and potting soil and headed
to the back of the yard. I put the plant in pre-dug hole (Thanks dad!!)
and put in some potting soil. I then headed back to house adding soil to
pre-planted wisteria (daddy loves me) along the way. I noted that I
needed to put in the arbor/trellis for the wisteria to get a grip on to
make it to the top of the pergola. I had also walked past my broke
fence one MORE time. Got mad. went outside the fence, got the trellis
from beside pool equip drag it back to the wisteria. Pushed it into
place (small metal one) weaved wisteria onto it... Walked back to garage
tossing left over potting soil in corner and grabbed the hammer. I
walked the outside of the fence, found the fallen fence slat and took my
anger out on slat. That felt good so I walked the fence line hammering
popped nails as I went. I knew of ONE more loose spot so made my way
over there pounded on it for a while. I took the hammer back and looked
at lockers (lovingly), then looked outside - no rain. So I decided to
paint. I painted the interior of the lockers - one coat. Then I went in
for food. I put some potatoes and eggs in one big pot cooked while
eating lunch. I then went back out and did one more coat of paint... At
some point I did take the potatoes and such off the heat and did a cool
rinse on them and then actually made potato salad and put it in the
fridge. We had that with Philly cheese steak sandwiches for dinner
(Walmart frozen parties that break apart)... Then I went to bed! I
probably played in the computer from bed as well - iPad.
I didn't get my typical nap :( Bummer!
Monday - I stayed at work with a project that took WAY too long. We had
scheduled down time from 4:30 - 6:30 and everything took twice as long
as we thought it would. We ended up not leaving until 8:30pm Ooops!
Ah, well, some days are better than others!
Tuesday, I left work hour and a half early so I could get my permanent
crown :( I went home and cut some vinyl for BFK and said hi to kids over
my shoulder as they came in and offered them shopping if they went with
me to deliver the vinyl delivery. I finish up with the vinyl and got in
the car and had Liz Drive us to drop vinyl and Target (it's right next
door). After Target, she drove us to Walmart. Got what I needed There,
then I drove the car over to Staples (same parking lot, so that seems
lazy, but I was looking for a book shelf... that I never did find/buy!)
I went to staples dropped into TJMaxx and Payless shoe store while Liz
and Angela shopped Rue21 and Payless. I only popped into Rue21 in the
end to get Liz. After that, we were off to dinner.
Now most days I go home from work and cut some vinyl, or deliver vinyl
from the day prior. I try to only make ONE trip there per day - and do
it on the way home. Tuesday was an exception as I had to order some
license plates and waited for them to get there to finish this job AND I
was home early due to the crown - it went faster than anticipated as
well, so I was home by 2:45 - score! So - a typical day would be - drop
by BFK on the way home from work, drop an order, come home, cut some
vinyl, park in front of a TV and catch up on taped shows and surf on the
computer :o) this is NOT typical... typical would be BORING!!

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Suzanne said...

Happy anniversary of meeting Butch...a little late. Haven't looked on here in a bit.