Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Work

It may not seem like a lot, but I actually got caught up a bit this weekend… I had to have a LIST for part of it, but it is now 99% complete!
It all started on Friday on the way home from work:
I got my prescription from the base (#1- from a phone in refill)
went to pay a deposit (#2 - they were closed! **later**)
went to BFK to get a check (#3)
went to bank (#4 - just BARELY made it! *funny story to follow*)
went by the doctors to pick up a prescription (#5 - they are closed on Friday – news to me!)
and the final thing on the list was (#6) go grocery shopping… sorry, but I wasn’t THAT motivated… I pooped out!

Funny story about the bank.  I had a check from a music company that I had been renting from.  I had been doing a bill pay payment for a  while through the bank, but the opportunity came up to get a step up flute for $300 instead of renting.  Her rental would have been $450 to buy with the rent to own… but why not get the step up for $300 instead?  That’s what I thought too – I bought the flute and arranged pickup.  I had looked at bill pay and noted that there had been a payment that went out the DAY I cancelled my rental.  Not knowing if I was paying a month in advance, or a month in arrears, I opted to let the payment going through – justifying that they would refund it if not needed.  So THAT was one of my checks to cash.  I sent it in and the teller nicely told me it was made out to the company from me, not vice-versa.  I assumed a mistake on their part… I spend 15 minutes on the phone with them trying to figure out what was the deal… then it finally dawned on me what she was saying – that was the check that my bank had drafted to them for me via bill pay… the BANK didn’t even recognize it for what it was…. A check from them to the company.  The company basically returned my check to show they didn’t cash the last one – too funny.  Sad that I’m too blond to catch on faster!  Ha!
Saturday, I did get up an go grocery shopping.  Even looking for good deals, I spent $200 and NO meat.  I mean, come on – really?  I NEVER spend $200.  Mostly because I shop Sam’s Club for the paper goods and meal type foods… so this is just some fluff and a few staples.  Sad.  So check #6 off the list… AND I checked #2 off the list to boot :o)

Liz also cleaned out the fridge and freezer in the house – now don’t look at the one outside!!  I stuffed all the extra out there.. and made the inside one look better.. :o)  I’ll have to share a picture of the suicidal olive jar… olives EVERYWHERE!  Oh, well, makes for a clean fridge AND a clean floor :o)
That would make me at 99% of my list!!  Whoop!  I came home and cleaned a bit on the backyard… let the little girls wash the car for me… mostly they washed themselves and the whole driveway – but they were happy and out of my hair… more power to them!  I cleaned out the hot tub and got the yellow ring cleaned out for the day… yuck - pine pollen!

Sunday… I woke up to find Butch already at work – yes, he’s working insane hours.  He said something about his time card the week prior was 100 hours… yes one HUNDRED hours of work.  Lovely, eh?  Yeah… good thing I’m independent!  I didn’t even hear him leave, so he must have been up early… I got up and Angela was getting ready to go to church with her friend…she’s such the dedicated child.  So there I sat… house quiet as the teenager will get up at the crack of noon…. Unless rattled earlier.  I made myself some eggs and toast, watched a TV show, got motivated and moved the tree in the back 40 where I wanted it (pray it survives), then put the shovel back and noticed that my Sunday paper was still in the driveway – soooo shocking!  So I sat down and read the paper and enjoyed the rest of my day J
A new found heart by Angela
then she ate it... would that be eating your heart out?
The bunny is holding a very pretty weed bloom in his paws :o)
Daffodils are my favorite.  I remember riding to the old farm house foundations up the road and picking them growing.  You knew it was spring then.  All the daffodils would come into bloom.

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Linda Liebhardt said...

Oh, I used to ride up the street on my bike and pick those daffodils in Texas, too! I'd come home with the bike basket FULL of them. Ours are starting to come up in the back yard here. Just little leaves peeking through so far. Crocuses have come and gone. I think they did it under the snow, because I never even saw but one!