Thursday, March 3, 2011


I'm sooooo excited.  I was doing the ADD thing and pinging all over the house after watching a movie with dinner... went in to fix finances at the bank site, transfer money - while there decided to pay bills.  Once almost done, Angela came in for a request for flowers for her laptop, so I did that... then thought while I'm here, I NEED To try to do the logo's in the heat transfer vinyl I picked up in my last order and LOOK - how VERY pretty is that???? 

I'm soooo excited.  After the last few days, I was beginning to wonder about my whole existance... then I play in my cutting room and I find my mojo.

I'm not at 100% yet on the sanity level (wonder if I'm just coming down with something?)... however, much happier now that this has worked in my favor :o)

I have a few different choices in styles too.  I was looking for a whale tail, but haven't found one I like!

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Linda Liebhardt said...

Wait....ANGELA has a laptop???? I feel cheated. :-) Or, maybe just like an old fogey with no technology or something.