Sunday, August 13, 2017

Poopy day

Sad and happy day. After being diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer and being put on the Optifast diet to prep for my Lower Anterior Resection. The whole process has played hell with my bowels.

Today is 8 weeks 5 days after diagnosis and 7 weeks on this diet. ADD to this having had THREE colonoscopies in that first month.

And today I have finally had my first "normal" poop in all that time!!

Just in time to go to surgery in 5 days and start training my bowels all over again.

Happy to have finally gotten things to "normal" and sad that I'm so happy about this.

And sad knowing it starts over again in a week. 😄😂😭😄😂😭

Oh well. The silver lining is that I know it's possible to find that sweet spot again even WITH a tumor and a ticked off bowel. With no more tumor in there and better options for adding foods it should all normalize in time!!

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