Sunday, August 13, 2017

Optifast week 7

Depending on when I weigh in, I have lost 37 or 38 pounds. Things have slowed way down from the beginning. I let the nutritionist know and she wasn't concerned so I won't be either. Done stressing over this part 😜

And as for photos. It's all in the angles.

So I noted I had my butt right at the glass edge so I moved forward and the angle was SO much more flattering 😄

And I don't feel one smidge different except I'm hungry all the time and tire a lot quicker.

IKEA on the way home from dropping Angela off was a challenge!! I "tried out" quite a few chairs and thought "hum, yeah come get me in a few" but I trudged on. I only bought $13 worth of stuff!! Shocking!!

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