Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Pool leaks ...

Sometime last year before Angela and I went on out trip to to Ireland the pool was leaking like a sieve. We FINALLY got someone out to look at it and isolate it to the return jet in the pool. Yeah. About a year ago. I'll have to wait for it to pop up on my Facebook feed to give a definite date on when we finally got the thing figured out. Anyway. We waited and waited for them (the original pool people) to come back. Nope. Not that fall when I thought they would. Then the freezes came. Yeah. Not then. Then spring rolled around. Nope not then either.

So I gave up and called around and TODAY (even after being forgotten AGAIN) and having to call the man to ask if he was coming. TODAY this is what is happening at my house!!!!

So they pressure tested with a compressor. I could HEAR the gurgle and there was NO doubt that the leak was there!!

They cut and then they started hammering.

And digging

And digging....

(Ok NOW is when the series get funny.). They are pressurizing the line again....

Where IS the leak?? Can you HEAR it or see exactly where it's coming from?

Puts his head in hole to see if he can hear it.

Is it on??

Yep!!! He can move fast!!!

There is a BIG stream of water!!

Up close. The pool guy barely avoided this one one. Disaster waiting to happen for sure. So. We're on the mend!! Yay!!!

Grinders on holes. Pull out old crappy job, put in new pretty job!!

Lots of work!!!

Next up new pipe between A and B and we're back in business. I'm thrilled!!

Mud put back in the hole with some odd pieces of concrete.

The actual concrete fix came about dark and quite frankly after I was over my thill of the whole process, so here is what I can see by the outdoor lights.

Yeah. Way too dark a picture for sure. Pretty much dark wet concrete. No, I didn't put my initials in it!

We have two hoses filling the pool with water as I type. :) it may be full by 11pm at this rate.

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