Sunday, April 2, 2017

More spring and yard stuff

Well, I have no pictures of the mulch that I finished. Drat it!!

I do have these pretty Amaryllis blooms that have sprouted on my wall :)

And a sneak visitor.

What I thought was a dog turned out to be a raccoon. You can see his bum just to the left of the set of three trees in the back. He was limping on his way back. :(

Here you can see a blob of him just to the right of the trunk where the two branches go left and right at the same level. Now is where I wish we could just add a circle on the screen.

You can see his ears peeking over the top of the squirrel nest...looks like he has a twig sprouting from the middle of his head - ha!

Ah, for want of a better camera at that moment. Oh, well. I spotted him and took what pictures I could.

He had such a hard time getting to the top that I didn't have the heart to do more than just talk to him at that point. Hope he got some much needed rest and moved on. Time will tell, eh?

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