Friday, October 28, 2016

Wrap up!

Well today was a wrap. We finished off at noon. What a LONG exhausting but informative week this was!! Just wow!!

It all started with a beautiful sunrise.

LOOK at those fall colors!!

Wendy and I were able to meet up again this afternoon and walk around the Greens outdoor mall. GREAT to walk around in the brisk air and get a coffee and visit! Love these guys!!

I passed on a Halloween party in favor of a little down time and a movie with Barbara and her daughter Shaina.

Then back to the hotel to pack. Yeah. I packed in my smaller lightweight bag. Bad choice as I bought a pair of shoes, two pair of capris and a shirt AND a purse AND some candy to take home for work folks. Whoops!! My suitcase is stuffed and I now have TWO carry on items. Sigh. Oh well all is good!!

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