Thursday, October 27, 2016

More on TDY

The night before. Overcast and fall weather.

Headed to lunch. Don't I look uncomfortable?? I was scootching doe. So all behind could be seen AND add to this I had actually Fallen INTO the van! Yikes!

In the front is Trevor and Bernie. Next row is LtCol Wilson (Gunter), me and Barbara Buller. Next row is Phil Waugh (Wright Pat) and Shefali Gajiwala (Hill) back row is Jerry Kosey (Wright Pat) and Steve Kobayashi (Hill).

Our lunch destination. Food was good.

This is who Barbara and I feel is Phil Waughs alter ego. Really. He sounds just like him! Looks a little like him as well.

Dinner was at TJChumps and this is the shenanigans that Barbara starts.

We started the coloring page towards the other end of the table where Bernie was sitting. The art work ended up being a depiction of Bernie and Jerry. Too funny.

And with that it's an early night for us!

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