Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hot sweaty work

I made the mistake of going to Home Depot today. Well really I went to get grass seed for Butch and it was in the garden center. Well the garden center is my downfall :) so I came out with grass seed AND four plants and some mulch ($1.15 for an open bag!). And here is what I did with it all!!

There is a flower bed around our palm tree. Well it's SORT of a flower bed. More of a weed pit with ONE amaryllis in it and the start of a few trees. It was time to clean!!

I started before I remembered to take a picture so the little pile in front is what was once a tree start and some hella sticker bush/vine hateful things!!

So I worked and toiled and BROKE the hoe that was left behind. To my defense it wasn't well maintained prior. I got all the yuck pulled and planted four mums in there. Two yellow and two purple.

The bag of mulch was JUST the right amount too!!

Next up will be to replace that brick edge as its NOT stable and needs to go. That may or may not happen this weekend. Depends on how ambitious I feel.

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