Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Moms heart...

We didn't tell anyone really that mom was having a heart catheter today because honestly we weren't sure what would come of it so if you're reading this now, don't be upset with us. No one knew.

She had been getting more easily winded and tired since the fall and hadn't gotten any better so started with her primary care physician fully expecting lung issues. Well, of course they wanted to rule out the heart as there was nothing of note in her lung X-ray. So, mom said yes to doing a stress test.

The stress test was indicating something else was going in so they scheduled a heart catheterization to get in and really look at what was going on. AND there had been a 40% block some 10 years ago (quoting this from memory, so I could be off on years, etc.).

Any who today was the catheter. They had indicated if they found anything they would stent right then.

So we went and waited.... And waited.... And waited...

Off they went to the cath lab!

They came back in about an hour and a half they had said 1/2 hour to 45 minutes, so I had my suspicions that they had to stent and I was right.

Mom is the owner of not one, but two stents. They are piggybacked to make it a longer stent. There was a 70 - 75% blockage with a few following it pretty close. The Doc had a name for those smaller blockages but I don't remember what he called them. Either way he chose to piggyback the stents and cover the whole area. He drew me a picture about it too. Interesting. Nice Doc. Not her main heart Doc as he's not doing surgery anymore and apparently planning on retirement.

I think the hardest part for mom was laying on her back for TWO HOURS until they pulled the catheter. THEN she found out she has to stay down until MIDNIGHT tonight then still remain on bedrest through tomorrow. Poor mom!!

So we went in at 11am and I left at 7pm after she got settled in her room.

This was my view outbid her window (looking East)

Moms view - ha! The clouds were pretty!

Proof that mom is happy(er) now that she got to eat... Now to get her up and off her back she'll be happier!!

I will go break her out of prison tomorrow.

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