Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The little house is open for business!

High season
May - September
Low season
October - April
$              641
 $        115
 $        550
 $          98

Until I get the website and calendar set up, call me or message me for availability.

As this is a friends and fmaily rental you can opt to skip having the house cleaned by a cleaning company prior to your arrival knowing the house would have been cleaned by the prior occupant only.  knowing there could be dust and even a dead bug or two.  We have a quarterly bug service, so dead is all we have been finding when we go to town.  If you choose this option subtract $100 from the prices above.  All occupants will be requested to do the dishes and wash the sheets and put them back on the beds prior to leaving.

We also provide a number of paper products and would appreciate you replace what you use.

So - on to the house introduction!  Meet the Tiny House in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
It is 1166 sq foot and itching to have someone rent it and go play at the beaches or visit with Sally (she's right behind us!) 

The house layout.

The Living Room:

The living room features a queen size pull out sleeper sofa, two arm chairs and a love seat for a lot of seating options.  We have a 50" smart TV with cable and premium channel options of Starz and HBO.  The smart TV is connected to the internet, so you can stream your choice of on line services. There are also a few games available as well.

The Kitchen and Dining Room:

  straws, knives, dish towels and place mats.
Misc kitchen tools and silverware all to the left of the sink
 Dish drainer and a number of cleaning supplies under the sink.
Dishwasher for your convenience.  Just in case you can't reach the top items, a folding step stool is to the right of the dishwasher (for now)

 Open storage for your food as well as a variety of sizes of bowls
 Food storage, plastic insulated travel cups, wine glasses, plates, regular glasses and a variety of size mugs for your use as well as paper towels (the number will dwindle as these are left over form construction and painting!)
 The peninsula has a nice sized drawer under the microwave nook (microwave to be provided soon!) with a number of casserole dishes
Dishwasher soap is currently being stored above the pull out cookie sheet and splatter guard pull out.

  to the right of the stove, you will find utensils, pots, pans, strainers as well as stainless bowls with lids.
 A pull out waste basket with garbage bags stored in the back.
 The kitchen is set up with a table that expands to seat up to 8

The legs pull out to reveal a leaf stored inside the table.
Extra chairs are in the back left bedroom (in the coral room) closet as well as a high chair in the bunk room closet.

The Bathrooms:

Each of the bathrooms feature wall mounted sinks, original tile and toilets (meaning they are short!)  They both also have wall mounted mirrored medicine cabinets original to the 1960s house. Each has a good sized storage closet behind their doors that will contain all the bath towels, hand towels and washcloths as well as a number of toothbrush/toothpaste sized containers for, well, toothbrushes and toothpaste and/or makeup or whatever you would like to use them for.  If you store toothpaste, please remember to pop them into the dishwasher on your way out so they are clean for the next guest!

The Main Bath;

an oversize shower head with a wand feature.


The coral bedroom and the bunk room both feature towel hooks and a small mirror mounted behind their doors to ease the need to use the bathrooms for getting ready in the mornings. 
Each of the bedrooms closes contain extra sheets, extra blankets, suitcase stands and beach towels for your use while you are here.  Two of the rooms have rolling dirty clothes hampers and soon there will be a few clothes baskets for your use as well.

The Bunk Room:

yeah, I know, this closet is really a work in progress - the dresser needs to be painted a nice white to fit better in the room (soon, soon!)

The Coral Room:

The Master Bedroom:

The Master Bath (aka the half bath):

The Laundry Room:

would you believe I forgot to get pictures of the laundry room as we were dashing out of the house?  I know, shocking, right?  Sigh.  AND Mom and dad painted it so nicely over the weekend too.  Goodness!!  Let's just say it's a cozy little laundry room with a full size washer (with auto dispensing softener - my favorite feature) and full size brand new dryer (long story there!).  The washer still sports its instructions in the inside of the lid (complaint I heard from a frequent vacation renter friend of mine!)  There are a few laundry tabs and some softener in there as well - again - replace what you use if you would please :)

In addition to the LOVELY washer and dryer there is an AWESOME "wonder wheel" cart for your use at the beach as well as a number of beach toys, a few camp chairs, a beach umbrella and a sand screw (a must for an umbrella for sure!)

The Back Yard:

There is a nice cloths line to hang towels and bathing suits from.
And remember those camp chairs?  You can sit in the shade of the old oak tree and watch the squirrels play over your head :)

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