Monday, September 28, 2015

Costume Birthday Parties

Angela was invited to an Alice in Wonderland themed party last weekend her character was the white witch.

Of course we (she) put off the costume hunt until the last minute. We scoured three Goodwill stores. The good news is there was an "OK" option at the first store we could fall back on, the BEST news is we found her dress at the last stop (yeah, I know we quit looking but honestly there are only three Goodwills in this town)

So here she is, the White Queen!

The dress has a lace up back and we whip stitched on 5 yards of tulle to make it a bit fuller/queen like.

Ah, my baby grew up when I wasn't looking!!!


Linda Liebhardt said...

There's a White Witch in Alice in Wonderland?

Britnee Autrey said...

I just asked a co-worker who is a Alice and Wonderland junkie... She said there is a White Queen in the book and the live action movies! I saw this post and thought, there's a White Queen? Since when??? Lol