Friday, July 10, 2015

Another trip to Florida.

Angela drove the first 2 hours of the trip. She drove to Camilla the. We were looking for food. We saw this:

Ermahgerd Heller!! Some things you see in a little town.

Then following a semi and Angela points out this truck says its stops @ HEIL. Hahahah. Really? Hell? Hum. Good to know not to stop with him!

Here's my favorite view :). We must be first on the delivery route for Rooms To Go. This is the second time that they have given me a 9-1 delivery timeline and they're here at 9:30. Love it!!

I freaked because it's BLUE. I didn't order blue, I ordered green!! Wheh, that just the protective wrapping. This doesn't look like it will fit...

And it doesn't... At least not through this door. They got 1/2 of it through...

Then had to remove legs to get it through.

Yep, removing legs!

But it's in and put back together - yay!!

The BIG sleeper sofa was a known issue as there was no way to angle two legs all feet were removed prior.

THEN we discovered it was too fat with the pillows, so those were removed and passed in as well!

Much skinnier now and slid right in!

While one was reinstalling legs onto the sofa, one was getting the console into the room. They were done fairly quick, then I vacuumed the goobers up and we arranged the room.

Starting to look rather homey.

Love the blue console!

We got this assembled, helped Sally get groceries put away then headed to Walmart to get Angela shorts for band camp next week. Then dashed back to wait for the Cox home life folks. Yeah, they didn't show. Dang them!! I called the rep who did t answer, I emailed her and she responded with a lame excuse...ugh!! Well, they lost business. On multiple home fronts. Butch is reducing our home plan now too. That'll learn them.

And I've lost all my house workin' mojo. I don't wanna do any work on the house anymore. I just wanna sleep. Could be the fact I stayed up late then woke up at 6:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. Hum. We'll see how well I do tomorrow on motivation. Hopefully I will improve and will get a move on. Zzzzzzzz. Maybe.

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