Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Saying Prayers and having faith.

This month I am saying prayers and having faith that things will ALL work out just fine.

I was in Florida over Angela's spring break - we painted the kitchen cabinets (as you can tell from the prior posts with photos. You would think "why on earth were you there a WEEK and only got the cabinets done?" Well, its HARD work painting cabinets that are raw wood. Raw OLD wood with lots of sap apparently still IN them. They are pine (they apparently were the all the rage in the 60's). Anyway, I digress, my arms were wore out, but the cabinets got the much needed coats of paint, the supplies were all purchased in an effort to prep for the general contractor who had indicated April was MY month for flooring and other work. Well, a number of emails were sent to him to keep HIM in the loop, but apparently that is NOT the way HE does business... I hate that, I'm an information whore. Slut? Either way I love me some information. I love TMI; I want to know it ALL, thank you very much. Every gritty gory detail, yes, please.

The contractors in this area? Nope, nada, no information. Nope, nope, nope. If they give you information, well, then you would be able to plan your life. Heaven forbid!!

So, Butch calls said contractor to confront his lack of communications and confirm the April time frame. He was met with hemming and hawing and "I never told her a specific, and I wasn't solid on that timeline." June is now his offered timeline. WHAT??? Ok, thanks for making me wait from January to April THEN blowing me off... goodness, when you KNEW it wasn't looking good for April, why not give me a heads up and TELL me that it's not looking good. Makes for much happier possible future customers. UGH. We are now NEVER to be customers of him. I will avoid him even if I have to learn how to patch BIG holes in drywall myself or pay through the WAZOOO to hire someone else.

So, guess what I did? I whined. Yep, I whined on Facebook. Should I be proud? Probably not, but hey, guess what???? It led me to a Brother-in-law of a Facebook friend. Said BIL is looking for work and his specialty is tile and he's MORE than willing to start NOW on my little house? Say WHAT??? Yes, after a little back and forth via Facebook instant chat, discussions of cost, exchange of pictures we have struck a bargain for him to travel to Florida and do the demo and installation of tile in the tiny house. Yep, the deal was struck without so much as a phone call. I did, however, call him today to discuss some things as he's going from ATL to Florida and it doesn't make sense to add time to his drive to come HERE to get a key THEN drive down to FWB, so we're making arrangements to get the key from Sally to him so he can do the work started.

I've actually seen his work at the base here, their company did the bathrooms in the buildings I used to work in - floor to ceiling and they are still standing and looking wonderful so that's a bonus!

So, I'm saying prayers and having faith that this will be a wonderful solution to the issue at hand. A person I know by association will benefit and having a job that is needed and I'll get a floor.

We're not looking at the cost factor (much), we're looking at the "OMG, shoot me now, just get this dang floor done" mode. I was going to call Home Depot and Lowes and get them to quote it and I'm sure that they would have been a similar rate to what I'll be paying now... so we're saying prayers and having faith that the end product will blow us away and we'll live happily ever after :)

The same goes for the Home/Home front. I have had a string of things just simply fall apart. I got home from Sams Saturday and opened the back door and heard a rattle. I looked around and found that the knob for the dead bolt was laying on the floor. Hum. That's weird! Butch was nice and put it all back together for me while I unloaded our Sam's goodies. Then there was a loud CRUNCH, bang, rattle when we went to open the garage - the garage door chain popped loose and it turned out to be the gears in the motor. Oh, yeah, things just keep getting better and better. THEN as they were coming in from moving the car and coming through the front door, I hear a 'tinkle, tinkle, awh, you have GOT to be kidding me' as Butch was opening the front door the front leaver knob had fallen right off the door. Ha! He was also able to Fix that with some elbow grease and a screwdriver to tighten things up. OK, so we've had our THREE things... so we're done now... no more of this, please!!

So prayers and happy thoughts for the homestead and the tiny house that life goes smoothly and we're able to open "house" down there for rental weekends SOON!!!

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