Saturday, April 11, 2015

On the Homefront.

The Iris that were transplanted from the front flower bed under the pines are MUCH happier in their new location along the fence. There's a number of blooms ready to pop open. Most are purple, but there's a yellow that will open I. The next few days.

The side flower bed. These are the Iris that were rescued from beside the drive. Again MUCH happier here and getting ready to bloom!!

And the wisteria has decided it's time to bloom as well it's a few weeks behind its wild counterparts around town but looking good!!

The two sides should meet in the middle this year as well

And the yellow bloomed this morning before I thought it would. So pretty!! I really need to put down some more mulch!!

And here is my minimize forest where I dump all my pool tuck into the flowerbed. The seeds sure germinate well after a pool soak apparently. :)

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