Friday, February 20, 2015

A poopy solution

My pooping menagerie has grown over the years...

And they are now forced to live in a very cramped area of a cubicle instead of along the top of the cabinets in the office.

So I found a solution for them. Aren't they just happy little poopers now? Ha! Pretty soon they will crowd out the girls.

And yes, that is a spice stadium rack they are on now :) the better to see them all.

Cube sweet cube (note Dads clock front and center?!)

Maybe a bit toooo wide angle standing in my neighbors cube looking towards the hall door. I'm one cubicle over from the window view, but I'll live. The squirrels were always a distraction anyway ;)

You would think moving from an office to a cube would make me sad but it didn't. I'm happy to be back in maintenance and even if the system does have problems. Glad to be back in the mix of things.

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