Friday, January 9, 2015

Animal from the trip


As we were rushing back to the ship in Cozumel – dashing through Playa Del Carmen, we heard a rustling in the bushes to our left and looked over to see one of these

I didn’t think to take a picture of it, so I snatched this off the internet.

I couldn’t figure out what on earth it was, but it was cute and appeared to be grazing in a little section there in the bushes…

So after a while of forgetting to look it up, I did today and here is what I found:

Agouti are about 16-25" long, weigh from 2 to 9 pounds. They are rodents with coarse black or brown hair, active during the day.  Agoutis are active during the day and live in monogamous pairs.[4] They mainly feed on fruits and seeds, and are important seed dispersers


Ours was active and it was about 4:30pm … so that’s about right…

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