Sunday, October 12, 2014

And we're home :)

We have started driving home a new route. What you can read in this sign is this is a tomato farm. I know, I didn't think about them either!

There are rows and rows of tomatoes. None are ripe at this point however since they are being sprayed, I'm thinking there are some green ones on the vines!

We also got to see peanuts being harvested
We were trucking along as normal until we got to I-75, then huge traffic jam :( we took it as an opportunity to take a detour. ;)

We saw cotton being harvested and baled, peanuts being harvested and SUNFLOWERS!!

How pretty are they??!

I also got a chance to pull over so Angela could see peanut plants up close and personal.

They are weird plants, aren't they?

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