Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kitchen Planning


So the plan is to take out the wall and add some cabinets to make that area more of a peninsula. 
The order of cabinets is from top to bottom:
Leave original cabinet if feasible – if not replace with 30” double drawer unit
30” Slide in stove top
6” slide out spice rack unit
27” under counter microwave cabinet (not really another place to have one!)
24” double drawer unit

So that is the “plan” for now; we still have to price it out, get quotes, plans and figure out flooring underneath before moving forward with cabinets.  I like the wood look tile, hubby likes stone; neither of us like the price of stone for that size room!

I’m going down this weekend with some serious cleaners and will be scrubbing for a day and a half in there.  Who knows… if I’m lucky maybe after we look at it all again, we’ll consider just leaving the floors alone as they are in one piece and refinishing the few places that are pulling up on the parquet – and calling it a day until we move down there in our retirement.  That may be the most cost effective way to go at this point.  Time will tell.

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